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Home Improvement Ideas for the Upcoming Christmas 2021

Christmas shutters

If you’re still looking at doing some timely renovations and impressive home improvements, this is a perfect time! Christmas is fast approaching, and everyone is already looking forward to spending quality time with friends and family. As such, it’s best to get the work done before the holidays to prevent disturbance during family gatherings.

Here are some highly recommended home improvement ideas for Christmas to get things started.

Home Improvement Ideas for the Upcoming Christmas 2021 » Home Improvement Ideas for the Upcoming Christmas 2021

1.      Make a design that concentrates around a Christmas focal point.

A meticulously created floor plan brings life to a room. Placing a big coffee table, fireplace, or above-the-fireplace TV can do wonders. For example, you can design around the main point of the family room or living room. Make sure also to include points of discussion settings, especially if it’s a big area.

Consulting a professional can be quite helpful for those who are running low on creative juices. An architect will assess the house and create a plan to make it aesthetically pleasing and functional. The plan will be customised depending on the owner’s budget.

2.      Apply a fresh coat of paint.

You can’t go wrong with investing in a new coat of exterior paint. Painted wood or brick has a timeless, elegant look. Unfortunately, exterior painting needs reapplication every now and then. Recoat the paint at a minimum to add polish to the house’s current exterior.

Exterior painting doesn’t need to be boring. A two-toned colour scheme will help delineate different parts of the house.

3.      Transform the bathroom to feel like a spa.

The bathroom is one of the most vital rooms in the house where a person can relax after a long day. Try changing the showerhead for an updated fixture to have a more relaxing shower.

Other bathroom projects include tiling, tile regrouting, and shower sealing. More complicated tasks include changing the countertops or installing heated floors. Having this kind of feature may entice your family to visit every holiday season!

4.      Install high-quality shutters.

COVID-19 changed the way lives are lived, including kitchen design. There is more focus on having bigger space and better ventilation to ensure safety and hygiene.

Having shutters on doors and kitchen windows makes it possible to open doors and windows for natural ventilation. Security and privacy will not be compromised. They’re more hygienic than other fabric alternatives since they’re easier to clean.

Not only do shutters make the house feel safer, but they are also helpful in adding a personal touch to the home. In addition, they need minimal maintenance and are sturdy enough to last for years. The best part is that those who have basic DIY skills can also install these themselves.

Another option would be to use energy-efficient shutters like plantation shutters. They mitigate the sun’s glare at any time of the day. They also work well in the living room. Guests can enjoy drinking wine with no blinding sun rays hitting them in the face.

5.      Put decorations in every room.

The family room shouldn’t be the only area in the house filled with holiday cheer – so sprinkle some holiday magic on other rooms like the bedroom by adding decorations.

Decorations don’t need to be heavy-handed. It’s not necessary to cram in tinselled pine trees in a small room. Adding carefully-selected antiques or furniture that fit the holiday theme can already do the trick.

Home Improvement Ideas for the Upcoming Christmas 2021 » Home Improvement Ideas for the Upcoming Christmas 2021

More Home Improvement Ideas That Go Beyond the Holidays

It’s also wise to do some home upgrades at this time of the year. It will surely give you a fresh perspective and an inspiration for the year 2022.

·         Change the locks and doorknobs.

The locks and doorknobs may already be outdated and could be ruining the overall look of the house, and compromising safety. Replacing locks and doorknobs is fast and easy. Updating them will give the house a fresh and modern appeal.

Changing doorknobs is relatively simple but replacing locksets can get complicated. Thankfully, a reliable locksmith can finish the job in no time.

·         Replace the flooring.

Reflooring the whole house may not be possible. Instead, focus on rooms that have the most activity like entryways, stairwells, kitchens, and living rooms. The flooring in these sections is more vulnerable to stains and foot traffic than other parts of the house. Decide what needs to be upgraded to improve quality or better suit personal preferences.

If replacing the floors is not yet within the budget, perhaps floor sanding and polishing will do the trick. Old timber floors can appear brand new, especially if done by a professional.

·         Upgrade the kitchen.

Doing kitchen upgrades doesn’t have to be expensive. The job can be done one portion at a time to avoid a surge in expenses. It can be as simple as replacing countertops, appliances, and cabinetry.

Picking a piece to renovate will significantly change the look and feel of the kitchen. For example, refinishing will inject life into previously plain and dull cabinets. It will also elevate the overall feel and design of the house.

Home improvements are not only good for the holidays. The return of investment goes as far as several years because improvements can increase the house’s resale value. When in doubt, consult an expert to make sure your hard-earned money isn’t wasted.

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